WELCOME To The Kimbanguist Hope of the World
 WELCOME To The Kimbanguist Hope of the World


The Kimbanguist Hope of the World is a faith charitable organisation who has no mother cows, but its resources come from members of the church and other overall communities through donations, fundraising and another fund all kinds; whose one of its main objectives is to contribute to relief of poverty and social exclusion among Kimbanguist members of the community in the UK and elsewhere.


To make a donation, please use your credit or debit card, PayPal and enter a charity name, charity number. Also, the donation can be done through several paths, which are: by post, telephone, and direct debit or to our account of the organisation.

As for that, please fill this form and return it to us.




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If you need other complementary information or need any help completing this form, call us on 02072723390 or send us an email: thekhw@yahoo.co.uk or letter by post to the address below:

The KHW......


The Kimbanguist Hope of the World

6-9 Manor Gardens

Manor Gardens Centre

Holloway - Islington

London, N7 6LA

E-mail: thekhw@yahoo.co.uk

Tel:  02072723390


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