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WELCOME To The Kimbanguist Hope of the World
 WELCOME To The Kimbanguist Hope of the World


The main activities are education/training, workshops, seminars, recreation, after school club /supplementary school and cultural activities; to advice surgeries on welfare rights housing and health care, employment, interpreting, ethnic events/celebration and youth enrichment activities.


Capacity building:
The Management Committee members and volunteers have been able to undertake a variety of capacity building training intended to improve their skills and ability to run the organisation, and to have a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

Other educational initiatives with local professionals during the past year covered subject such as: First step in health promotion courses, multidisciplinary substance misuse and HIV training course, Management Committee Training organised by the Refugee council, Information communication Technology, Minutes taking, Administration, Counselling skills, Health and Social Care Training.

Health: We have managed to address specific health issues within our community:

Preparing useful health information including HIV/AIDS and distribute it to members of the community.
Organising community focus group discussions on health issues for parents and young people.
Liaising with health agencies and statutory organisation to address the specific health needs of members of our community.


Youth Activities:
Intended to promote the wellbeing of our young people in the community were developed thanks to the financial support from local organisations in London. We managed to organise seminars that invited the participation of young people from the Kimbanguist Church and from the overall community of the Congolese people and others. These seminars raised the awareness of our young people of the many opportunities that are available to them and of the ways they can access them. Discussions were also conducted around issues affecting our young people with careful consideration on the way they affect individual lives of young people. A few of these issues included education, health, social exclusion and isolation, training opportunities, substances misuse.

These activities enabled our young people to acquire a level of understanding where they could positively make use of these opportunities to improve their conditions of life. Information about youth services and other social activities for young people were provided. And also an African Youth Music Forum was also organised with learning activities to give our young people the opportunity to learn new skills and improve their music skills. This also helped them to explore their culture and tradition. 



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